Testimonials of John Kelly’s professional club fitting services from his customers:

“John, I wanted to let you know how great my fitting was with you. The process and technical expertise was enlightening. Since I got the new Mizuno 850 Forged irons fitted to my swing, I have gained much better consistency. I am a full club to one and a half clubs longer with much better accuracy with the steel shafts with Sensicore inserted over the graphite shafts I was using. Thank you , it was well worth the drive to St. Louis from Jefferson City to come see you.”
– Michael D.

“My fitting with John Kelly was a great experience! I spent a lot of time looking into where I could get a professional fitting done and by whom, and there ended up being a lot of options. After researching the area, John seemed to be the most highly recommended. The way it turned out, those reviews were spot on. I was fitted for a new driver and iron set. Both experiences were great. I gave him some basic information about my game (club distances, ball flight, miss tendencies), told him what brands I was interested in, and we scheduled a fitting date. I ended up fitting into the Titleist 913 D3 driver with a Diamana D+ White s-flex shaft, 9.5* loft, 44.75″ length, and D4 setting. In the irons I ended up with the Adams Idea CMB’s with KBS C-Taper s-flex shafts, -1/4″ length, standard loft, and 1* flat. Since my fitting four months ago, my driving has been much more consistent in fairways hit with another 10 yards in distance. The irons have a perfectly low and piercing flight in the short irons that I love, and the long irons seem to stay up longer. Both the driver and irons have been amazing additions to my bag. John uses a TrackMan, many years of experience, and an easy going personality to put together a fantastic fit. Next I will be having him take a look at my wedges and fairway woods. I would recommend him to anyone interested in getting a professional and enjoyable fitting!!!” – Weston H.


“I have known John Kelly for 10 years and there is no one in the greater Saint Louis, Missouri area that can do what he does.  His expertise in putting the correct shaft and correct type of club for your game has made a significant difference in the accuracy, distance, and overall performance of my golf game.   The 27 years of experience are evident as he fits your clubs to the correct loft and lie. There is truly no one better in the Saint Louis area.  Go to John before buying new clubs or changing the setup on your existing ones.  I assure you John Kelly’s professional club fitting will pay dividends to your game as well.”  – Thomas H.


“The Best Club Fitter in St. Louis!

Along the banks of the Meramec River in Fenton, you will find the golf guru that is John Kelly, a top 100 Club Fitter as rated by Golf Digest. Although the property doesn’t look like much… what you find on the inside will be better than you can ever imagine!
What makes John special is his process. He says, “I don’t fit women, I don’t fit seniors or juniors, I don’t fit guys….. I fit golf swings.” His decades of experience can make your head spin as he tries to help you understand what’s good about your swing and what is, well, not so good. As if he needed any help doing that, he uses a TrackMan golf simulator. This $20,000 device is so elaborate it takes in to consideration things like your coordinates, elevation, temperature, weather, etc. and adjusts the numbers appropriately to give you real yardage you can bank on. He watches as he lets you warm up and offers a few helpful suggestions that doesn’t necessarily change your swing as much as it maximizes what you can get out of YOUR swing. Then the magic starts to happen as he swaps shafts and heads until he finally arrives at your personal work of art! YOUR new club that will get the most out of your game whether you are competing in local events or just picking up the sticks for the first time this year. Once you get fit properly from him, you will never buy another club off the shelf at a retail store again! He never has been accused of rushing anyone and willingly takes as much as needed until you feel comfortable with what you’re getting. His driver fitting cost $75 and I know that will not be my last visit to him since there are 13 other clubs in my bag!” – TheGolfingAuthority.com


“I’ve had John fit me for both woods and irons.  In both cases, he did a very thorough job of analyzing my swing and having me try a number of combinations of heads and shafts to determine which would benefit me the most.  With doing the fitting at the range, along with the use of the TrackMan system, you are able to see both the actual flight of the ball along with getting the feedback from the system. Additionally, when I was fit for irons, he was able to do a quick turnaround so I could get the clubs before I left on vacation. I’ve been very happy with the clubs that John fit for me.”  – Howard H.


“I want to take a moment of your time and tell you about a friend of mine, John Kelly.  I have known John for about 30 years now, the same amount of time I have been playing professional golf, and he is a true professional when it comes to any need you may have concerning your golf clubs.  John is as knowledgeable about all aspects of the game as any individual I have ever met.  He is truly and expert at finding the correct shaft to match your ball flight, swing speed and level of play.  John also has access to state of the art technology to help ease in the decision making process. It is one thing to have an opinion, it is another to have the actual data and numbers at your disposal to look at and compare.

If you have any golf need whatsoever, John Kelly’s number should be on your phone right now.  I never hesitate to call John with a special request and besides being a world class golf technician he is a wonderful guy.” – Jay D.

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