Professional Club Fitting

John Kelly is the St. Louis expert and leader specializing in professional golf club fitting for golfers serious about wanting to improve their games.

With 30 years experience, John has been “the person to see” in the Greater Saint Louis Area and Midwest to get your clubs fitted to perform for your swing.  He has worked with and earned the respect of golf tour professionals and amateur golfers of all abilities.

Recently he was selected my Mizuno as a national top 100 club fitter. John has numerous other accolades and professional accomplishments:

• Selected as a Golf Digest’s “America’s Top 100 Club Fitters”

• 3-time Professional Clubmaker’s Society “Midwest Clubmaker of the Year”

• Golf Digest / Golf Shop Operations “Clubmaker of the Year” nominee

• Crystal Grip Award Winner

“90% of golfers hit their shots on the wrong trajectory. Get the most out of your distance potential and accuracy using my “Trajectory Based Fitting Program”, developed from years of experience working with golfers of all levels.” By getting the golfer to hit the ball on the correct trajectory, John is able to maximize your distance and find the clubhead design that provides the most consistency and forgiveness while dialing in your accuracy.  John’s fitting matrix is comprised of over 80 driver, fairway and hybrid shafts as well as over 60 steel shafts for irons, resulting in thousands of possible fitting combinations. All fittings are conducted outdoors on our 30 acre range. In addition, we are also pleased to offer Adams, Mizuno, TaylorMade and Titleist fitting systems.

Find out how high performance shafts and clubs can improve your game!

St. Louis’ only Trackman Launch Monitor for analysis and fitting

•Doppler Radar System – accurate to 3 feet at 300 yards

•Exact 3–D club movement and ball flight


 See improvements that:

           • Increase your distance!

           • Improve your accuracy!

           • Improve your consistency!

           • Build your confidence!

Contact John Kelly at 314.954.7888

by e-mail:

Go to the Contact Page

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